The day to day repairs in the 100 plus properties Kevin & Kristina manage do keep their handymen busy, in recent years their maintenance division has been able to venture into some major kitchen, bathroom, and even full house renovations.  Larger and more complex builds are coming up all the time and between their handymen, and extensive list of trades, Kevin & Kristina are venturing into the exciting world of major home renovations and even complete builds.  Several properties when first purchased by our clients requires work, some require EXTENSIVE work.  Kevin & Kristina have worked with dozens and dozens of trades over the years and have a solid core of quality electricians, plumbers, framers, formers, and landscapers.  If you are thinking of buying a "fixer upper" call Kevin & Kristina and see how their numbers compare to the big builders in the Okanagan!


About Us

Kevin is an experienced, licensed property manager and Kristina is not only his partner in life, but his unlicensed PM Assistant in the Okanagan area and together they look after detached homes, condos, townhomes, basement suites, acreages and duplexes. Additionally they offer property maintenance, renovation, dispute resolution and investment appraisal services. Contact them today to find out how they can help you.


Kelowna Property Rentals
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